Monthly wrap-up

February Wrap-Up

I hope the end of winter is treating you well, and I apologize for last month’s bungled email update. Still not sure why that happened, truthfully. But onwards and upwards.

This month, in addition to having a new review up, I have also added a sigil collection to the library, so check that out if you’re curious about the growing collection of sigils, seals, and glyphs Lilith has collected.

What’s particularly interesting to me about it is the sheer number of them, combined with the fact that despite Lilith’s continuous presence over the millennia, the oldest of the occult ones only dates back to 2006. Even the oldest of the astrological ones likely first appears in the early 20th century — still quite recent, in the grand scheme of things. There truly has been an explosion of signs for Lilith over the last century or so, intensifying dramatically in the 21st century.

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  1. Liliths occult sigils were only created recently?? I find that so hard to wrap my head around considering how long she’s been known of.

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